Siviglia is an Italian brand founded in 2006 by the Bianchetti family.
The excellent tailoring and product-construction capacity make Siviglia an all-Italian brand of the highest quality in every way.

Siviglia is an extremely dynamic brand and its market entry was followed by a rapid commercial development: in Italy, Siviglia trousers quickly became a must-have item, known and appreciated by the public.

The outstanding success of our trousers, the core Siviglia product, has made a rapid product-diversification strategy possible, aimed at meeting all the needs and requirements of our target audience


The philosophy behind the Siviglia brands arises from our strong views about quality, italian style and research.

The all-round quality starts with the choice of product fabrics and accessories, and continues up to the packaging and business style. We aim to provide the customer with the best in the broadest sense, including attention to the environmental impact of our production and the materials used.

Italian style is our aesthetic identity and style, our cultural orientation towards high production quality and product design, and is behind our market approach based on availability, openness and interaction with the customer.

Product research is ongoing for fabrics and emerging trends that are reinterpreted according to our own style based on the tenets of classic elegance: research into languages, images and communication methods.

We pay constant attention to new ideas from the contemporary avant-garde to grasp their direction and understand their power for change.